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“Beratung und Therapie für Frauen”

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Our counselling service is available exclusively for women. Our service is open to all women from the age of 18 - regardless of origin, sexual orientation, religion or nationality. If a woman seeking advice is not comfortable with the German language, we work together with interpreters.

We are obliged to confidentiality. Even if you wish to remain anonymous, we can still assist you with advice.

You can come to us

  • if you are experiencing or have experienced violence (physical abuse, sexualised violence, psychological violence, etc.)
  • if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental discomfort
  • if you are suffering from eating disorders
  • if you are discontent or discouraged and need a change
  • if you are experiencing conflicts with your partner, your family or your social environment
  • if you are feeling unable to cope with a challenging situation
  • if you are lacking in self-confidence
  • if you experience difficulties with your sexuality or your body
  • if your situation in the workplace is an emotional burden on you.

We offer you:

  • open consultation hours, four days a week
  • crisis talks
  • consultation on protection against violence
  • individual counselling and individual therapy
  • anti-stalking advice
  • group therapy.

If you are seeking advice, please make an appointment for an initial consultation during our open consultation hours. During this first conversation, we will clarify together with you whether we are the right point of contact for you with your concern. We will discuss with you in which ways the counselling centre can support you and, if necessary, inform you about other support opportunities in Münster.

The best way to make an appointment for the initial consultation is by email or by telephone during the following hours:
Monday 9 -11am, Tuesday 11am-1pm, Wednesday 3 - 5 pm, Thursday 4 - 6pm.

We guarantee the protection of your data within the framework of the European General Data Protection Regulation.